Dillinger’s, Ranelagh.

by Catherine

Picture the scene.

A Saturday night a few weeks ago, and while it would be a bit extreme to say that I was suffering from a broken heart, I was certainly feeling a bit dented in the left side of the chest area on this particular day due to the behaviour of a certain He Who Shall Not Be Seen Again. As The Frames said a long time ago…“I’m not sad, I’m just disappointed.” For once, I found myself agreeing with Glen Hansard.

Now, there are many people who would advocate beating a hasty retreat under a rock to get over that bruised heart/ego feeling – long bath, yoga, you know yourself.

But there was only one thing for it as far as I was concerned. Call up Wing-Woman Number 1, dress up, get out and curse the day the fool was born over some seriously good food and drinks.

It was a cold and rainy night, and we didn’t feel like going too far for our fun, so I called up Dillinger’s in Ranelagh, which I’d been meaning to visit for dinner since they reopened a few months ago, to see if they could fit us in at short notice. I’d been in for brunch, and been impressed by the much more slick, smart and spacious-looking Dillinger’s.

They offered us a seat at the bar – now I know some people are funny about eating and drinking on bar stools, but I happen to love it and I knew that Wing-Woman #1 did too, so I booked in straightaway. After a quick drink in the newly-refurbished Russell’s, now called the Tap House, we made our way across the road and took up our seats at the bar.

I decided that wine would be the wrong option given my frame of mind, for fear of being found, much later, singing “All by Myself” into my shoe, and opted for a 777 Margarita (€10). This is one of the genius benefits of the new Dillinger’s as far as I’m concerned – as it’s a sister restaurant of the insanely popular 777 on George’s Street, you can get the margaritas here without the queues. The night was already looking up. I also talked Wing-Woman #1 into sampling one, even though she protested that she “hated Margaritas.” Let me tell you, she didn’t hate them any more by Margarita number 3 – although I’m pretty sure she was hating me the next morning…



Anyway, to the food. Accessory to the cocktail-fuelled conversation it may have been on this occasion, but it was damn good.

I started with Tuna Tacos (€11), another dish with very close ties to the 777 menu. Three small, soft tacos, were filled with seared tuna (which I was surprised to find was cold, but it was no bad thing), fresh guacamole and nicely spicy chipotle chili salsa. Could there have been a better dish to wash down with a chilled, potent margarita?

We both chose fish for our main course, with WW#1 going for the whole sea bass that was the fish of the day on that particular Saturday, while I ordered the roast cod with gambas, which came with small sprigs of broccoli and cauliflower. This was a gorgeous, fresh piece of fish with some beautifully juicy gambas on top, one of those dishes you eat ever-so-slowly because you don’t want to be finished just yet. Main course prices here run from €15 for a burger to €29 for the rib-eye on the bone – I can’t remember how much our fish dishes were but I’m guessing somewhere in the mid-€20s.

The side dishes were also superb – a dangerously delicious stack of onion rings (€4) and a much more virtuous heirloom tomato salad (€5) complemented both of our main courses brilliantly.

Service was sharp and fun, with a special mention deserved by our very sweet American waitress for joining in on the banter and keeping those wicked margaritas flowing until we called it a night.

I’ve been recommending Dillinger’s to all and sundry for brunch, dinner, hot dates or birthday parties, ever since. Check out their Facebook page for their weeknight specials too – I’ll be making my way down there for the Monday/Tuesday Calamari Special any day now.

Dillinger’s, 47 Ranelagh, Dublin 6.

Phone: +353 1 497 8010